Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Keep on the Borderlands: Map & PDF

The Keep on the Borderlands is one of the most famous Dungeons and Dragons modules, and you're likely to find it in almost any gamer's D&D module list.

One of my favorite campaigns that is still running today is one that's based on this module, the game log and in-character play-by-posts can be seen here

I have yet to read through this module completely, but the gist of it is that there's a keep that was built in a strategic location in a remote area to develop a presence. At least, that was what started our campaign. For all I know, my DM could have simply taken the Keep on the Borderlands maps, and edited everything else to suit his own sick story line. Either way, it's a damn good time. 

The keep itself is pretty awesome, in my opinion. You can see from the map above (click to enlarge) the entrance is at the end of a winding road. This means that while you're marching to storm the castl... er, keep, you're pretty exposed to a couple of looking towers, presumably while guards are raining down arrows. Should you happen to breach the gates, you then have to get into the "Inner bailey" again, while guards are picking you off from all sides. Good stuff. 

I did recently find this module on line for download as a PDF. I'm not sure what the rules of sharing this are, I don't know what the licensing status of it is now, since TSR doesn't exist anymore, and I've found it for download in several places. For the time being, I'm willing to share what I found, with the stipulation that you are not to download The Keep on the borderlands map & PDF package unless you already own the physical module. Additionally, I will be researching the TSR licensing to find out if I'm breaking the rules, and if I am, I will take this down, and ask you to delete what you've downloaded... Which I KNOW you will do. 


But, if I'm right, and it's no longer licensed, I'll update the post and let you know that you're more than welcome to download and use this information. 

Alright so from what I found out in the minutes after posting this, the license IS owned by the same folks who run and it would be very frowned upon if I were to share it. I have deleted it, as should you.

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