Monday, May 3, 2010


Every player has come to a point during game play where they're presented a situation, and they're not quite sure how their character would respond. Would my character run, or fight? Would he take offense to that remark or simply ignore it?

It's simply impossible to anticipate everything your character may come up against, and from time to time, we're going to have to ask the group to hold for a moment while we collect our thoughts and figure things out.

Here is a survey I found online some time ago that I found incredibly helpfull in fleshing out my character. I can't remember where I got it, or I'd gladly give credit to the original creator... If you've seen it before, please comment with a URL or at least a name!

Player (you) Name:

What is the character's full name? Nicknames?

What is the color of the character's hair, eyes, and skin?

What is the character's general appearance?

What is the character's age?

Where was the character born?

Describe the character's family.

Has the character begun his/her own family?

Has the character ever done anything else (besides adventuring) for a living?

General attitudes & approach:

When or how was the character educated?

What are the character's political and religious beliefs?

What is the character's moral code?

Does your character have any prejudices?

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant?

What would the character die for? What would they be willing to sacrifice
the lives of their friends for?

Who is the one person your character trusts the most?

How would your characters parents describe him?

What was the best moment of the characters life? Worst?

What flaws does the character have? Is he quick to judge people? A slob?

What advice would you give your character?

List the 5 most important people in the character's life.

What is the character’s “big secret”, and what will happen if it is discovered?

"Hey, I've got an interesting job for you..." Name 3 jobs that your character might find interesting.

How will the character die? What would you consider a good end to a life well lived for this character?

What might someone seeing the character for the first time think?

Does the character have any goals?

What is the character's personality?

Any reoccurring mannerisms?

What is this character's "thing"? That is, what action, activity, saying, motion, mannerism, etc., would be considered their "trademark", such that if I were to do it, others would say "oh, now you're acting like [this character]"?

What is her first reaction to a situation?

What would be the ultimate magic item for this character?

What would be the worst curse this character could ever receive?

Are there certain things the character just cannot do? Get close to people; perceive himself realistically, etc. That is, what do people who know this character well criticize about them?

What does your character hate?

What does your character love?

How does the character perceive government? Those who are opposed to the government?

How did the character gain his abilities?

What motivates him to act as a hero now?

How did his peers treat the character as a child? His elders?

What does your character hope to accomplish by adventuring?

Why is this goal more important than his safety? (i.e., Why would you take up adventuring, rather than being a nice, safe accountant?)

What is the character's kryptonite? What is their weakness or what will paralyze them with fear?

What does the character do to relax?

Describe the characters ideal mate.

What is in your character’s pockets, right now?

What do they normally carry in their pockets that they don't have right now, but wish they did?

What is the silliest thing your character has ever done?

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